Isn't She Fine Doe


You can have the greatest thing of beauty right now.  I see you brain turning and mulling it over.  The deepest desires of your heart peaking to the very precipice of your mind.  Well, I hate to dash your dream against the rocks, but this isn’t about Christian Mingle or Beyonce.  All the single ladies, now put your hand DOWN. In fact you can’t even see a physical manifestation of this beauty.  Really all you see are the results as if looking at the tree limbs tremble after a gust of wind.  However, the very trembling of a tree branch after a gust of wind is no comparison the after effects of what She will do.We have all been there, looking back at our past and mistakes with 20/20 vision as if we had Lasik eye surgery on our hearts. We contemplate what we did wrong, did right, or should have done COMPLETELY different. Sitting there with Cheeto stains on our fingers binge watching Netflix grumbling about broken hearts and Stranger Things. Wait, just me?

This cycle will never end until the moment you have after a mistake or poor decision takes center stage before said epic failure.

Too good to be true?  Probably.  On our own, we spin around on a revolving door violently rehashing our deepest regrets, but with Her, we can skip the rotating door of disaster altogether.So who is this magical woman?Lady Wisdom (ow, ow)

The thing we rarely recognize is that she stands before our decisions and then is just waiting at the finish line when we pass her up.

Proverbs 8:2-3, “On the heights beside the way, at the crossroads she takes her stand; beside the gates in front of the town, at the entrance of the portals she cries aloud.”

Wait. Hold up. She is standing at the ENTRANCE to the portal of decisions? Yep. My mind was blown too.  It is so simple, yet vastly passed over.  Wisdom stands at the very gate of our entrance to Mistake World holding a FastPass so that we can bypass chaos altogether.When I was first learning how to drive, my mother was my teacher. I can tell you this that by the time I was finished with Driver’s Ed she was NOT my teacher and she had gained quite a few gray hairs.  Somewhere, after the first few rides we realized we were not compatible together as driving partners, and as a result I was handed over to my dad to complete my dummy test, I mean driving test.Now my mom and dad have two vastly different driving styles.  One laces her shoes with lead and the other makes you feel like you are on It’s A Small World.  Personally, I like lead, but that’s beside the point.  Anyway, we were hurtling toward the exit, per Grant fashion, my dad was gripping the seat, and I had a massive grin on my face. Moral of the story? We missed the exit.  By a lot.  When you miss an exit it starts a chain of events that simply put, suck.  We have all been there and done it.As I was trying to get the car back in the right direction, my dad looked over and said, “That’s why I go slow. More time to make decisions.”  Of course, I replied, “Yeah, and be late.”  I didn’t drive for a while after that glorious exchange.We go so fast through life that we completely hurtle passed Lady Wisdom as she is standing at the doorway of our mistakes.  We think that if we slow down we will miss out on something.  FOMO anyone? Then we take the wrong exit, get caught up in Emporia, and get slammed with a 15 over speeding ticket because we are trying to get back to where we initially were. The exit.As for me, a few speeding tickets and a couple avoided collisions later, I am still learning to drive slow(er), but isn’t she a thing of beauty?