A Christmas Story


“No one could validate the legitimacy of her spirit-breathed impregnation….” My new favorite saying in life is, “Block tha haters.”  This new phrase came from two places of beautiful inspiration: Pat Robertson and Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Yeah, probably the weirdest two sources of inspiration ever, but life is what it is.  As a person who feels love primarily through words of affirmation, the words spoken against my rock my world.  I frequently put the emphasis on the wrong words given by the wrong people. When I was at my lowest point, taking all of the rumors, assumptions, and just flat out wrong accusation to heart, I began questioning my own call, my own purpose, and my own dreams from the Lord.  Then I saw an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network’s very own Pat Robertson and my whole paradigm began to shift.  At a point in the interview he was asked this question, “How do you deal with all of the people constantly tearing you down?”  His response was loaded with wisdom, “What people? I don’t even listen.” It was in that simple, profound, and extremely concise answer that my brand new phrase began to be birthed.A few days later I was reading the Christmas story, as one does this time of year, and in it I discovered even more magnificence to the story of Mary. There she was, a 16-year-old girl who got pregnant, not by sexual intercourse but by the Holy Spirit. Sounds amazing, right? Well, kind of…. What’s tough about this scenario is that this incredible miracle actually put her in an extremely and culturally difficult situation. Because the news was broken to her in private and not in front of her community and peers, no one could validate the legitimacy of her spirit-breathed impregnation. Can you imagine the rumors, accusations, and assumptions that began spewing from the people she considered her friends and family?  Her fiancé even questioned her faithfulness until an Angel came to him.

Imagine this. If Mary had listened to all of the voices around her instead of God’s, the miraculous birth of the very Son of God may not have even occurred. Can someone say, “Bye, bye, Christmas?”

So many times we listen to the words of those around us to the detriment of the dreams that God spoke to us in private. When we allow this to happen, the dreams that burn with such vivacious passion in our hearts become stifled and silenced. All because we listen to the wrong words by the wrong people. Just as Jesus was birthed at the perfect time in Mary’s term, my newly loved phrase, “Block tha haters,” was brought to life at the pinnacle of this profound realization and was welcomed into my life like a freshly washed newborn in the arms of its mother.Never in a million years did I think I would get bashed by people I respect and love for following what God called me to do. I mean, come on, we are on the same team, right?! It is almost a guarantee that when you take a step out in faith to do the crazy and the uncomfortable, the people around will become your opposition.  People dislike what is uncomfortable or what they cannot understand.  Overnight you can go from being loved to disliked and being the source of coffee table rumors. Trust me when I say that it can crush a soul. “You will rock boats, cause waves, and ultimately stir up hornet’s nests….”Just a few weeks ago, I was in a place where my soul was constantly being crushed because I kept learning of new things that people were saying about me. The good news is I was able to diagnose this soul-crush syndrome and medicate it immediately. God told me take two “Block tha haters” to heart and call Him in the morning. I began to live in a mindset that cared about only one thing: God. In that mindset I found a place of freedom and peace like I have never encountered before, but to get there I had to first learn how to successfully “Block tha Haters.” Let me detail the necessary steps to discovering this liberating mindset:

  1. Silence

It is an amazing thing. As Pat Robertson so eloquently stated, if you silence the wrong words from the wrong people, then you have the benefit of never hearing them.  Words that are never heard never have a chance to challenge the voice of God in your life. It is better to never hear the praises or the hatred because people are fickle and change on a dime.  One day, it is the hot and popular thing to be a fan of you and the next? Well it just goes down-hill. But if you never hear them or listen, then you are never affected. To fulfill your God-given purpose, you have to be so confident in what you are called to do that the words around you don’t even matter anymore.

  1. Empower

Galatians 6:1-2 states, “Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”  It is imperative to only empower the people in your life that desire to restore you in gentleness and bear your burdens with you.  If someone wants to speak against you, but not walk with you, then they should immediately default into the “BTH” category.

  1. Listen

Too many times we don’t listen to the very person we need to actually listen to: God.  He speaks truth regardless of the trend around you.  He brings confidence and correction.  God is the baseline for your life - not people.  Proverbs 16:7 says, “When a man's ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”  If you are listening to the Lord and following HIS voice, then all of the others around you will be put at peace with you. God brings healing and unity when you are able to focus only on Him. I recently watched the movie J. Edgar and there was one quote that rang out to me, “Innovators aren’t often celebrated, not at first.”  When God gives you a dream or a vision it is rarely something someone else did, because God gives dreams that are unique to your DNA.  His dreams always bring innovation and, with that, haters.  I would rather Block tha Haters than let the dreams and visions God has given me go to waste. God has given you a specific dream and purpose that only you can do.  You will rock boats, cause waves, and ultimately stir up hornet’s nests, but that is the price to saying “Yes” to the crazy ideas of God.  Ordinary people do extraordinary thing because they are crazy enough to say “YES.” Say Yes. I beg you. Please say Yes.And with that?


Much Love,