3 Reasons Every Dreamer Needs a Doer


One of my life-long heroes has been Walt Disney.  In fact, the very first book report I did was on a biography of Walt Disney.  The greatest lesson I learned from Walt, was that every dreamer needs a doer.  Most people don't recognize that Roy Disney, Walt's brother, made the dreams a reality.  Without a Roy, all of the dreams would only be that...dreams.  

Here are three reasons why every dreamer needs a doer:

1) Dreamers get sidetracked.  Why are dreamers good at coming up with incredible ideas? Because they dream.  Dreamers are in a constant state of dreaming.  This means it is easy to go from one great dream to the next.  Because that is what excites and drives them, but if there is not a doer, incredible dreams are forgotten because of the new dreams.

 2) Dreamers are not analytical.  Dreamers live in an extremely creative world.  Generally, creative worlds do not consist of numbers and formulas!  These things are seen as limitations because they slow the dreaming process. When, in reality, it enables the dreaming process.  Every dreamer needs a doer to see the things they do not see.

3) Dreamers dream with their eyes closed.  Dreamers simply dream.  These dreams are grand and beautiful, but rarely do dreamers see beyond the dream.  This is because they are still dreaming.  Weird thought isn't it?  Every dreamer needs someone to guide the dreamer to reality.  They need a doer.Every dreamer needs a doer and every doer needs a dreamer.  Together anything is possible.

"If you can dream it you can do it. Remember this whole things started with a dream and a mouse." -Walt E. Disney