TOO Fast and TOO Furious

[wpvideo tBVJsYdN]You are behind the wheel driving you car faster than you could ever physically go on your own. The wind is rushing past you. You feel the short breath of freedom in that moment, but what if everything came to a screeching halt?If you do not slow down, life will.Living fast and furious seems appealing at first. You feel the adrenaline and the false sense of importance, but when the world stops spinning and you are alone, what happens? Will you be caught and thrown around like an old doll or will you find peace and serenity?

The fast life will kill you.

So, what if you did something different?

I for one live extremely fast. When someone asks me if I want to get lunch, generally it happens a week to two weeks after they first ask because my schedule is booked solid. It isn’t because I am anybody, rather it is because I have filled my life with a nonstop spinning that never slows down.Until it slowed me down.I remember last semester my world came to a complete and sudden halt. I was going fast and furious, but life was going even faster. I wasn’t partying, drinking, or doing drugs, but I was caught in the sin of busyness.

So there I was.

My car of life had a flat tire.

It is a lot harder to stay slow than it is to rev back up again….I would know. I revved up again.I have found myself with more hands than I have in more honeypots than I care to be a part of.So.What happens when the fast life catches up to you?What if we lived differently?

 Sit down with us April 15 for the next installment of “Fast and Furious.”

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