Death. It's Not What You May Think -- Unforgiveness

/deTH/-noun- the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of life[wpvideo QpwuFISr]Death. It is not what you may think.Death surrounds us everyday. We feel the cold, unforgiving grasp of death on our hearts when we stare into the blank face of our loved ones. Our hearts scream when another’s heart stops beating. When another person’s life ends.Death.What if I told you that this painful, heart-wrenching experience of death was not the only kind of death? What if I told you that people are walking around everyday searching for some form of life because they are dead? They aren’t physically dead.   These people are not zombies, but they are the walking dead.These people are just like you and me.They walk.They eat.They sleep.They even look like you, but they are not like you.They are dead.

Death. It is not what you may think.

The notion that one can only be dead when they physically die is foolishness. The very definition of death is, “The end of life.”I am not talking about physical death when our heart stops beating.No.I am talking about a spiritual death when our soul stops beating.I have felt the strong grasp of death on my soul. For years, I stared in to my mirror and saw death looking back at me.Though my body was alive, my soul was dead.Death had claimed its next victim.Everyday, I saw life through the lens of death. Everyday, I interacted with people as a dead man walking, but what got me to this place?

It was not just the abuse.

It was the unforgiveness as a result of the abuse.

For years, the tight grip of unforgiveness was strangling every ounce of life from me. I could not forgive my abuser, God, or myself for what had happened. I was completely dead. I was a zombie. I was walking, I was eating, I looked successful on the outside, but on the inside I was as dead as a body six feet deep. I was plagued by death. I was plagued by unforgiveness.Join me and Around the Table for a new blog series, “Death. It is not what you may think.”  Enter on a journey towards life and not death.  Walk with me as I share my story of betrayal, abuse, and ultimately forgiveness.


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