Little Podunk Towns


“I want to take you on a journey, a journey with many winding roads and stops along the way. I don’t want to make a bullet for an end goal, rather I want to show you everything I have made and created. I want to show my creation to my prized creation, you.”


God is a God of process. You see this all throughout the Bible (He did make the world in a seven day process for goodness sake) that God finds value in the process, but somehow we feel the urge and the need to skip the process and go to the destination.We have all heard it:

It is about the journey not the destination.

Why do you think people take road trips?!? It is definitely not to get anywhere fast! Roadtrips are a slow journey to your final destination is like a road trip.

(on the road again…)

God has seen fit to wake each and every one of us up, help us put on our clothes, climb in the minivan, and start on a roadtrip He calls life.That, for me, is hard to deal with.I do NOT like road trips.Never have.Never will.I want to get where I want to go. For instance, whenever we decided to drive to Disney World I hated it because I wanted to get to Disney World, not some podunk little town in the middle of no where.We sometimes get so fixated on the end goal­–better job, a new relationship, getting out of high school, then getting out of college, being financially stable, having kids–that we forget that we are on a journey that is supposed to last a life time.We forget about the little towns.God loves the little podunk towns in our lives.See, whenever we feel that we are stopped and stalling waiting desperately for the next thing God is wanted to say, “Look, now it is just me and you.” When you feel stopped or stalled that doesn’t mean you are failing, in fact these are some of the most precious times of your life. See in these little podunk towns of our lives we learn the most. Not when we feel like we have it all, but rather when we feel like we have nothing.I can attest to this.On the days where I felt like I had nothing in the world but pain, I was closest to God. I felt Him like I never had. In those little, podunk towns in my life it was just me and God and I could hear his voice clearly.Sometimes in the big cities of our lives its hard to hear what He has to say.We need the journey, the stops and starts, the twists and turns, but most of all the little podunk towns.

Because in those towns there are no distractions.

Just you and God.

So enjoy the journey.Stop in the little podunk towns….even get a bite to eat.And love the journey.Leave a comment and then take your seat Around the Table and subscribe and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @grantjreynolds