What If? Jesus.


Exchange: What If? Jesus.

What if you were told there was a guy (or girl) that really wanted to meet you. In fact, you were told that he was perfect for you. This person was everything you wanted and needed in a significant other.

This person was your perfect picture of what you wanted–even down to the

little quirks and nuances.

Then you met him.And he was nothing like what you imagined.What if that…was Jesus?In fact, it was Jesus. The Jews had this perfect view of who their Messiah would be, but when they looked at Jesus all they saw was a carpenter. In Matthew 23:26 Jesus calls the religious leaders blind guides. They couldn’t even see the Messiah when He was standing right in front of them.

Jesus came to His people and they rejected Him because

He was not quite what they thought He would be.

Jesus is not quite what we think He is.He is not weak.He is not tame.He does not have blonde hair…or blue eyes.How many times do we look at Jesus and expect Him to react in a certain way, and he reacts in a very different way. So who is wrong? Jesus? or our view of how we think Jesus would act.

Because I am almost fully confident that Jesus would look

very different today than what we think.

He is Jesus.

Jesus is the most fascinating man that ever lived. C.S. Lewis said it clearly, “Jesus is either a liar, lunatic, or telling the truth. He can’t be all of them.”   Over the next few weeks I am going to look at the life of Jesus, my hero.

What If? Jesus.

Starting 11.17.14