Grant J. Reynolds


Hey there, I’m Grant J. Reynolds. My one goal and purpose in life is to help you connect with yours.


However I can help you, I will. Together we will accomplish the impossible.

Much love,


Grant is an innovator, marketing fanatic, and pastor.  He earned a Bachelor's degree in Strategic Communications from Regent University and will be pursuing a Masters of Theological Studies at Regent University in the fall of 2018.

Grant J. Reynolds is the Vice President of Reynolds Leadership Group, the pastor of The Gathering, and a marketing entrepeneurer. 

Reynolds Leadership Group | Vice President: Reynolds Leadership Group is a non-profit corporation that assists churches and non-profits with leadership training and organizational development.

The Gathering | Pastor: What was initially meant to be a small group for college students has grown, in under a year, to a weekly Sunday service reaching over 100 people of all age ranges. In addition, he serves as the Connections and Young Adult Pastor at Coastal Virginia Church.

Marketing Entrepreneurship | Independent Consultant: He is responsible for revitalizing the marketing departments of universities, Grammy award winning artists, politicians, and a large scale non-profit organization that reaches millions of people a week. Under his watch, he took a marketing department with a heavy downward trajectory that was beginning to lose followers and revitalized it into growing to over 2 million "likes" and initiating engagement with 7 million people a week.

The Family Protection Group | Co-founder: Most recently, Grant and his wife Nicolette, have started The Family Protection Group to help secure and protect the legacy of families.

Grant and his wife Nicolette were recently married in February of 2017. While they don't have any children yet, you can see them walking their dogs, Mr. Thaddeus the Thinker and Aspen the Wolf (not a real wolf), through Downtown Norfolk. When not there, you can find them sipping Americanos at their favorite downtown coffee shop.


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

- Walt E. Disney


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